Monday, December 22, 2008

baileys dance

I love my little love. shes the third from the left.

after this video, heres a challenge: GO do something for someone. phone call, tell someone what you love most about them for that is the best thing you can do with your time. There is power in service.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Just whatever comes to mind. you can see I have hardly blogged for a while. :(
Well I would like to change my template. but I just can't seem to get this halloween template off so I can imprint the new code from the template i want. Help?
Life has been so fun lately. I've been doing so many things worth while. ;) Im excited for Christmas to finally arrive. I can't wait to use this AMAZING snow and go sledding and 4 wheeling in it.....that is.....if you dont mind Haze. :) Hey, it was Josh's Idea.
Speaking of Haze, I think I'll make a little tribute in her behalf.
I come over to her house for our annual Christmas Cookie Baking Day. oh..(shes my momma in law) :) he hee.. ;) and shes in a hurry trying to leave with her hubby somewhere. She told me to double the recipe. I said sure. then she gave me a little weird look. I think she was debating whether or not to explain how to double a recipe to me! Dude, so I probed her. "Haze, you dont think I can double a recipe do you?" She just looked down and giggled. OH....I'll have you know..thats EXACTLY what she was thinking. Haze is not confrontational though, so I thought I'd get it out of her. "You really think that dont you....Go on, its ok to say it" I said forcefully, yet lightly. :) Then she says, and I quote: "ok, whats 3/4 plus 3/4?" Stunned by her comment/question, I could not even come up with and answer, LLOYD then gave the answer, that left me feeling like a total IDIOT. So I came up with a cheap comeback, "Well, even if I dont know what 3/4 plus 3/4 is I will just do it TWICE."
So there it is my friends. NO CONFIDENCE, NO SUPPORT from the MOTHER IN LAW!!!! lol. It was the highlight of my day. Its so funny. ........and that recipe turned out almost to perfection....Josh says they were a little flat, but whatever, I doubled the recipe correctly.cant please about a week later, Haze calls to remind me that Im bringing 7 1/2 lbs. of potatoes to the christmas party. I said "ya, sounds good". A few days later we were at Jens house, and Haze then reminds me AGAIN. "Yes, I'll bring them" she goes on further, "Ok, just go to the store and buy two 5 pound bags and then .....she proceeded to explain" .......Are you kidding me? lol!!!!!!! the funny thing is can one be offended by the celestial angelic Haze? Its so funny to me! I just laugh and laugh about it. I had to write this down. Much love. mUch love to you.I will always giggle when she will explain something 3 or 4 times to me. :) Hey, you know what? maybe I am a complete doo doo brain and need it!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Saturday, December 6, 2008

My time

well here it is everyone. Im playing on the piano that I played during my childhood. well..the childhood from my Grandma Turley's house. It was so fun to get in touch with that piano again. It just felt so good~! I love playing!

We were just at my dad's and I was playing "rudolph the red nose reindeer" I have a video that goes with it........Ive been secretly playing the piano all my life.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

THANKSGIVING.....Indian Casino?

yup, thats right. JOsh adn I went to an Indian Casino for our WONDERFUL thanksgiving FEAST! It was a HUGE buffet of every nationality of food. We were in Rancho Cordova with my Dad and Mindy. I cant even begin to tell you how much we miss them. It was amazing. I loved it!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


how lame is this! friday night we had a game and beat the team who one the championships last year. So I was on a super high....We had a game the following morning and I got sick. super lame. So I missed out on the big game and I didnt get my cool t-shirt they were going to give out.
Wierd weekend, bailey got the flu-i honestly dont remember the last time she got sick. oh, yes I do, when she was 18 months.
I got another wonderful sinus infection. Boy. I just love those. I wish I got one every week. We are suppose to leave for San Fran on tuesday but who knows now, with my sinus infection love affair I just might be doomed to stay home. I sure hope you are feeling well and that your families are healthy too.

Friday, November 21, 2008


We have a new addition into our family! Its a Nissan 2006 Pathfinder! It fits 8 people and its the bomb dig.
So I found a sport that I would like to be good at! Volleyball. Ive got a killer serve. Weve done well this season and tonight is one of our last games and IM going to ROCK it on my serves. Im mean, just be glad you are not the receiver of my 35 mph serve. Its cool too because the other team just doesnt know whats coming and BAM! they get it right in the FACE! Its liberating! sad to say. Luckily you dont play with me so you arent holding any grudges. Im tellin ya, tonight im going to do it again, and when I spike it WATCH OUT! oh well, BBALL is next up for church sports and Im way stoked for that! I wish volleyball would last all year round though. :)
Yes, I'll take a picture of my pimped out ride in a little bit. :) peace

Sydney is so sweet! Getting molers is not fun though. She gets like 2-3 teeth at a time~! talk about pain. Poor little love. I always want to remember how she will say something just to make you laugh. Like, "popsicle" then she will do this cute smile and laugh and hug me, then shell do it all over again. Its so cute. I love the way she runs. She just loves balls, riding bikes, she call it her "bite",books, and the latest: turbo jam. Yep, thats right, she asks for it all the time. Its a cardio work out video with this cute spazy blonde kicking and punching all over. she asks for it at least once a day since Ive started doing it. She will kick her leg out and let air out of her mouth at the same time to let me know thats what she wants to watch. Its funny becuase I'll put it on for her, after its on she'll watch and do it for about 10 seconds then walk over to read a book. EVERY TIME. Im wondering why not play with toys...nope, its a book and turbo jam for sydney. She's counting to three alot. its so cute, 'do, two, dee!" She loves to jump off of our couch head first. Shes absolutely fearless. When she sees the older kids doing something crazy she'll go right up and do it too! She loves to hit. Especially children who are older than her. and When I grab her by the arm and firmly, very firmly tell her know what she does? LAUGHS. All I ever hear in our little car is "sydney hit me, sydney hit me" over and over again! She's great at multitasking.
Shes hitting bailey with her right hand while in her carseat, and kicking Taylor in the head with her left foot. :)
SO not funny at the time. But hilarious when I tell the story. She's the cutest dancer Ive ever seen, She should be on dancing with the stars! Shes always surprising me with her new dance moves! It just amazes me how animated she is at this age, and how aware she is of her capabilites.

And ok, how cute are they? Totally baileys personality to show off her cool trick. Bailey is all about telling her mom how it is. I know NOTHING in her eyes. LIke today, we made a huge fort outside for the girls to play in. Bailey said, "look mom, the top of the tent is a trampoline" I warned here what would happen if she jumped in the middle of it and how bad it would hurt her and the others girls in the tent. But hey, what do I know? Who cares what mom says, she's just trying to control me and ruin the fun!, Bailey says, "i know I know" well......
Lo and behold, I walk away and one minute later I hear screaming and crying and the tent is down. Hey maybe moms not an idiot after all! But she wont admit to that Im sure!

all in all She is a very bright smart kid! I went to a parent teacher conference last friday and came to find that Bailey is the most popular kid in her class. There are three boys in particular who are so in love with bailey its driving them mad. One boy, well call him D was sitting in a corner of the classroom and the teacher came to him and asked what was the matter. D had an angry look on his face, " I am so in love with Bailey, and she's over there playing with Ryan" The teacher told him to try to play with her...then they all went outside to play. D didnt know what to say, the teacher told him that maybe he could ask her to go down the slide with him. So, D goes over to Bailey like a lamb to the slaughter and asks, "Hey Bailey, you wanna go down the slide with me?" baileys answer, "Nope...........I'm riding my bike".
Its so cute, She is just happy to be herself. She's very confident in who she is and likes to do her own thing.

Oh my sweet little Tayla Tay 8 months old already? wow, time flies. She sits up, but its so sad if she ever falls back its scares her so much. I hate to say it but, she is SO ADORABLE when she's whaling! her face is priceless.. of course I cant get a picture of it becuase Im holding her. But somehow Ive just got to! I'll miss it so much someday. She smiles for EVERYONE. She lights up like a christmas tree when she sees me! and laughs so hard when Sydney is doing her turbo jam. Or anytime really, She's always giggling at her sisters. Taylor is so fun to entertain. When we read books, well, we dont... shell eat the corner. Everytime I pick her up she hugs me and pinches the fat under my arms. Yeah, she pinches it so hard that I actually cry out a little "yelp!" I seriously LOVE her laugh. Like, nothing makes me happier. I will walk into the kitchen and all three of my children will be laughing together. It happens often. I feel just so lucky. I dont what I did in Heaven to get such a reward here. OH yes, a little update, Taylor is no longer on antibiotics! YES! Her reflux is gone and shes looking goood! She starts laser treatments for her hemangeioma in a couple of weeks! Shes just getting all fixed up! Merry Christmas to you Taylor! I've never had laser treatments or surgery and Im 25, Little Taylor has me beat and shes not even a year old. She's a tuff little stinker! She is very good at jumping when I tell her too and tap tapping on her toys. Shes not that big into patty cake like my others were at this age. but thats cool, everyone has there likes and dislikes.

Monday, November 10, 2008

a LITTLE something about Josh and I.

Ok, Ive noticed that I dont post much of what Josh and I do together. I know why. Its because when we get together and do something I dont feel like taking pictures. and I know he wont be begging for the camera either. so here is a little something ......

When most couples like to play Settlers of Catan, Apples to Apples.....












Mystery dinners......



.we play............
.thats right baby! I am the current champ!We set up all the cards and play. Its so fun!


This costume on sydney is so cute because it squishes her cheeks together. Just look at those cheeks. This year for halloween syd had the door aproach down. She would stay ahead of the other kids and knew what to say when shet up to the door. "chee-a-cheet" and then "deetsoo" (thankyou). She ran the whole time. Bailey fell asleep before she did. This girl has some serious drive. we had so much fun. here were the rules for Halloween and Candy: No candy until the events of the evening take place. after that you dont have to ask, just pile in as much as you want until you go to bed. And Bailey did just that. :) you'll see.

my little mermaid. already in the candy.

Bailey and her friend Emily at the ---TRUNK OR TREAT---

This paragraph is for the picture up top. sorry...:)
ok, as if you cant tell....Bailey is a BARBIE mermaid, Sydners is cheer bear, Taylor was a ladybug but...the costume was a little hot. Josh is a sad BYU football fan because they lost to TCU the past week and I am a woodland fairy. Love my wings?

ok, does this even look like me? who is that? tooo much fairy makeup there ambyr! And a little excited for halloween? I'd say. Hey, this is my cool friend NOAH! Josh and I love doing couple dates with her and Casey. See you guys wednesday!

Bailey and Syd workin it at the door. Sydneys ready to go in.

Make up? or REAL? ........its all real. cool huh. Bailey's old scab broke loose at the park. she came inside saying "hey mom, look at huh?" Personally I would have been in tears.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

To get into the Halloween spirit we dressed up as mummy's!

sydney was running and then....she sat................... Hey, she held out longer than Bailey
Bailey is running out of gas. Taylor too! Here is Bailey asking me to open more candy. That is pretty much what she ate for dinner.

She fell asleep while trying to grab another candy. and thats the end of our halloween night!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Man, I just love my family. I love being an american. I love witnessing history. I love being a part of if. Man, I just LOVE my life with Josh.
Bailey says she loves me so much. She loves me more than California, Las Vegas and Brooklyn. I sure feel pretty special.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bailey and Brooklyn

This is the BROOKLYN Jean Jiggity-James! Her and Bailey are just two peas in a pod.

As brooklyn was leaving bailey runs to her and kisses her on the cheek and says" I love you, (then looks seriously at her and says,) Brooke, stick with me, and I will get you EVERYTHING I want.........I mean, YOU want...ok, bye! I love you bye!!

Brooke and Bailey are just soooo close. They have been almost inseperable for the past two and a half years. I just love these girls!

Monday, October 27, 2008

My Babies

I just love this picture. Jessica Heileman is an amazing photographer. I'm so lucky I got her as a photographer. She can do anything I want. This picture is not edited yet. She is PRO on Adobe Photoshop. So if anyone needs pictures I highly recommend hiring her to do your family pictures. She is especially gifted with baby pictures.

I'd like to give a little shout out to Joel and Robby thanks for looking. and for proof that you looked I would like a call or you can leave a comment. remember you are the reason I make this blog.
So! Its sooooo nice to have my mom up here right now! I love the extra hands! (sorry mom, I do love your company too:)) Mom thank you soo much for finishing up projects and cleaning and giving me a morning to sleep in! I wish you were up here every month! :)
I slept in until 10 am!!!!! OH MY GOSH. I dont remember the last time I slept in until ten. Its been longer than 6 years. So thank you!
Down below you will see a slideshow of these amazing pictures. They are done by Jessica Heileman as well. Sorry to promote her so much Im just so happy with the way they turned out. Thank you Jessica!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Taylors Surgery

It finally happened. Taylor went in for surgery today. We checked in at 6:30am. the sugery lasted a good hour and a half. She came out and woke up...well it took her over and hour to recover. We ended up leaving the hospital at noon. Taylor was soooo good. The Nurses and doctors took great care of her. She has plenty of pain medication. She has a 2 inch incision. It looks creepy to me, but the surgeon says it looks great. Taylor is recovering well. She almost is back to her old self!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Taylor's quick little talk

Hey there mom, and friends, this is a quick little look of Taylor Tay Talking. It was good talking with you today. I hope you get well rested before you come up here. Love you!

as you can see Sydney is actually straddling Taylor. She sometimes completely sits down on her, and for some reason, Taylor doesnt cry. Mystery to me!

They are sweet sisters.


This was a few weeks ago. Im trying to update!

Cute little syd workin' it on the tramp~

Sydney's laughter

Libby and Sydney
These two just hit it off ! They were having so much fun building the blocks and hitting them down....over and over...and over again. :)

At grandma and grandpa Eldredge's house on Sunday.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I absolutely love my life. I love my husband who is so good to me. I love my amazing sweet beautiful little girls. They teach me something new everyday. I was talking with my friend Ember. Her brother had just passed away. We were talking on the phone and she reminded me that yes we take our knowledge back with us but there is one more thing: it is our relationships that we take back with us as well. That is something I have always known but for some reason it made me slow down and think about my life. I get stressed sometimes about things that I just cant always control. But I can control how I spend my time with my kiddies. I just cant put into words how much I love them, I breathe for them, I literally live for them, my life is for them right now. Thats my job. And since I feel that way I really dont want to mess this time with them up by being obsessed with "accomplishing" something that day at their expense. I've been noticing that by me being patient when they wont let me finish ONE task and putting their feelings first before my drive for "success" is really a huge accomplishment/investment for our relationship now and the trust/bond they have with me for the future will be greater. Its just a small daily investment in the emotional bank account that is going to make our relationships rich and fulfiling later on. And I think thats what a successful mom is. When all is said and done the dust will still be there, laundry and all that grime on the windows but my kids....they will be grown up and gone. So Im thinking I better be good to them now so they'll be good to me later. :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

These are the good old days!

This is the majority of the Kids in the "F" building, actually we are missing a few in this pic. Andra (the adult you see) gave us the idea for a BBQ and EVERYONE in our building came and we had a blast! Thanks to Roxy's awesomely big BBQ~Thanks Roxy! Fun Fun. :) Do you ever wonder where we are all going to be in 5 years time? Done with school, Business owners, the Supreme court justice, Construction management....and the list goes on...Thank you girls for brightening my day...everyday! awww... my sweet Bailey. Oh, tear jerker. I just love how thoughtful my little love is. She is so special!

Sydney, you get this place cleaned up! little Hemangeioma baby! Taylor you are so beautiful!

This is Taylor and Evony just hanging out with the rest of us. I sure had fun with you girls the other night. BBQ and sharing our "naughty" stories over the fire until late making s'mores. Arent these the good ole' days!?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Here is PumpkinLand! But these pictures do not do it justice because my camera died! :) The pumpkin actually turned out to be a jack-o-lantern on the other side, there were farm animals. Bailey came home that day and said, " When I grow up, Im going to have two pets. A turtle and a Bunny." She fell in love with bunnies while we were there.

I tried getting a pic of Bailey but she was in the front of the line and I was in back with the double stroller in the mud. :( Its cool, but no pics of Bailey really. She really was there! I have videos but I my pillow is calling me... I hear it.....I must retire for the remainder of the evening. Take care, thanks for looking. :)

Tomorrow, Tomorow, I love ya Tomorrow youre only a daaaaaayyyy aaaaaaaaaaaaawaayyy!

Tonight Josh and I were so ready for the day to slow down and to quiet down, However it just seemed to not go as hoped. It went better. All three girls just kept talking and talking and singing and yelling it was so odd yet refreshing. Here's a little taste. Josh and I just stared at eachother laughing in awe of how cute this is.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

DSC00820.JPG (image)

DSC00820.JPG (image)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

photo journalism at its best.

Hi. so as I visited Newport 36th a few weeks ago I took my camera out into the ocean. I past the Gedi (spell check?) To my suprise A GREAT WHITE was coming right up to bite me in the you know where. This is actual footage of it coming up to taste my hiney. Its was so hungry. Personally I dont blame him, but hey I've got kids so...Luckily I used my sweet water ninja moves to dodge this magnificant creature. turns out I'm in one piece and safe.
In the end it made a great picture.

Two very special people

Hanging out with "Pa" on the hammock on a sunday afternoon. So happy. This is Josh's Dad, as if you couldnt put that together. :) Love you Lloyd! Look how bubbly Bailey is in this pic. I can hardly ever get her to smile for pictures. Oh, but when shes with her grandparents shes all over it!

OOOO Bailey is growing up.

I took this pic when bailey was gettin in the car after school was out. jk I really sketched this. ;) ok, jk again. :) I sure love my sweet bailey. Her first week of school she told me she found a praying mantis, a spider and a moth. The spider eventually ate the moth. It was pretty cool, I actually went into her classroom and saw the bugs she was speaking of and the teacher told me about the spider and the moth.
Bailey seems to enjoy school however she told me there were some mean kids named Anna and Tristan that poked her in the eye. Bailey told the teacher. I asked her, "What did the teacher do?" Bailey answered in a loving sweet voice, "Lets not do that, ok?" Man I guess there is not much you can do as a teacher when it comes to serving justice to an antagonist! (those little beasts, hurting my daughter, Ooo...theyre lucky I wasnt there, those little critters.) :)
***Exciting news for BAILEY: on Monday She is finally fulfilling a LIFE LONG dream of hers (really). Bailey is going to RIDE a school bus to PUMPKIN LAND! At 9am on monday the 5th of October 2008. Hey I must document. She is going to be soo excited. The teacher just called me tonight (sat) and left me the info. :) I love you bailey! Of course I'm going to be there getting pix and following the bus to make sure shes safe. (crazy?)

this is a pic of sydney when she was about 14 months old. I just was foolin around on again. super fun. oh, Nicole, I dont know why when you click on some of my pics they blow up. Sometimes pics do that sometimes they dont. and I have never looked in to knowing why. sorry~ :(. If anyone knows please leave your comment below to help out nicole. :)

Monday, September 29, 2008

foolin around...with

thank you summer~! How fun is this? This is the pic I'm going to use for my headshot's to go with my "resume". whoo whoop! I totally whitened my teeth... and put a border around it. summer. so cool! I cant wait to do more!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

if you want see pics of the cali trip click in post below. they are cute.

"gledtimes" ~~ Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles, it empties today of its strength.

"gledtimes" ~~ Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles, it empties today of its strength.

Hey one and all!

Ok, I have a LOT of explaining to do about why I havent posted and havent sent out the invites earlier....but I dont think I need to because, isnt it obvious? 18 month old, 5 month old and a 4 year old. wow......
Josh-started school hes taking 20 units plus he works 2-3 times a week all day.
ME!!! because really isnt that why you want to see the blog? :) We'll lets see: My job is quite diversified...I think thats why I love it. I have learned how to make jam! (and wont do it again unless its necessary, but it was yummy!) I'm going to can peaches on monday... (that will probably be my last time doing that too.....) :) I'm picking a theme for food this week. I was inspired by the movie "under the tuscan sun". My theme for this week is italian. We'll see how that goes.
I'm so tempted to move to europe, Just for a few years. how fun would that be "Christmas at ambyr's this year!" Word to that, I'm down. oh yeah, back to the update.
I recently took a little vacate to CALI with Bailey. We pretty much spent most of our time at disneyland and guessed it. the BEACH. "DA BEACH" You know brah. We only stayed for three days. Ok, I didnt have a car so I couldnt just go and visit people, SORRY. :( Next time.
right, update: I've recently picked up on my driving skills since Bailey has started school and dance. Now thats something cool. I wake up in the morning and try to work out, then shower. After showering the kids are usually coming out of their beds and have their lovely needs. So as Im half dressed with hair wet, I'm changing two poo poos then get two bottles while putting on a movie and getting food for Bailey then I try to get dressed and do my hair while keeping the babies entertained. After I'm ready then I do Baileys hair and help her with her chores. By the time all that happens, I get to play house maid and clean up all the messes that have been made! Then I go to the kitchen to eat and feed sydney, then I take the Bailey to school. come home and do the dishes, After that I usually am ready for a nap. HA! in my dreams. I take Bailey to school. I probably should try to work out in the evenings. After the dishes I take the girls outside and sydney LOVES the park! But she has to ride her "Bi" (bike). That girl can ride! She rides like a 4 year old. no exageration. I'll get it on video. I push little taylor tay in the stoller while I follow sydney. We play at the park and hang out with friends. Then I pick up Bailey from school, put Taylor down for a nap, then feed syd for lunch. Bailey will usually go play or Brooke will come over to our house for craft time before she leaves for school. Then I put sydney to bed for nap. TWO BABIES DOWN...seriously this is my day to a "T" serious routine ya? Then I call bailey in for reading time. Then I send her off to a friends house to play or have her do her own thing. FREE TIME...This is the part of my day where I seriously soak in a few moments of pure homebound freedom. awww... this freedom usually lasts for 1-3 hours. But I usually have to clean a few things. Then I do what Ambyr wants. NOBODY messes with me during my free time. NO ONE! Not even my friends. If they knock on the door and I dont answer, they know that I'm basking in my homebound freedom. when the girls wake up its routine again from there we usually go out for an outing at the park or feed ducks or whatever activity they deem worthy, playing games outside etc.. then I get started on dinner, but I still want them to enjoy the weather and be outside to here comes my second workout of the day (only if I feel good enough) I run back and forth chasing sydney, putting a pot of water on, chase syd again and check on bailey, then check on OPRAH if its on. :) all while holding little taylor tay. around 5 is where it becomes hectic. from 5-7 I want to die. lets be honest here. Josh says he can't believe that getting the kids in bed is such an event! LOL. it seriously takes two people. dinner: isnt that an event in itself... I mean dont you love trying to get one child to eat when they HATE every food except candy? and they complain the WHOLE MEAL. "I dont like it, eww... no I wont eat it..Im not going to...When can I have ice cream?" Ohhhh kaayy. And you know how it is with an 18 month old, there throwing their food across the room! Today for instance I just had to go upstairs to get taylor from bed and Sydney threw a glass bowl across the kitchen and broke it. I accidently left her with one! What an idiot I was! Sometimes I just dont think because when Taylor Cries I get brainwashed and have to get her.
That was fun to clean. back to the nightly "event"
Finally after clean up, daipers, bottles, brush teeth, scriptures, prayer, kisses hugs, crying, I just dont feel like updating the freakin blog. :) if we are lucky all kids will be in bed at 8:30. Then josh and I just look at each other exhausted and I just laugh thinking about it.
Can I just say! I love my life. I love my children. I probably would have a harder time if JOsh wasnt so completely hands on with our chilren. Today I took an hour and a half nap then went to womens conference. I had a splendid evening with my fellow sista's in Zion. :)
We've had so much fun lately doin our thang. Reading all that makes it sound like I'm fishing for complements. but,really, thats my life in a nutshell, for the most part. minus the errands, doctors appointments, school...yadda yadda yadda. But thats the basics of the day. we dont need to get too far into details. :)
So If you are ever wondering what I'm doing. WONDER NO MORE. Thats my life. and I love it! I've never done something thats more challenging. Its worth the laughter, smiles. My heart goes out to all the single mothers out there. I dont know how they do it all. becuase I dont juggle near as many balls as they do and I'm so pooped by the end of the day. I think that as soon as one becomes a mother that one will be pooped for the rest of her life! Starting from the time she concieves.
wow, if youve read all this, thats soo cool. this is for documentary purposes and for you too.
Thats the update. Everyone here is all decked out for halloween already. Lets avoid it PLEASE. that means its going to be cold soon. The weather has been great here! in the low 80's. but super cold in the morning. when I go work out I freeze and blast the heater. I'm excited for when its summer time again. I love music. I can not work out with out it. (random)
Hey so if you have a great italian recipe pray tell. I would love to make it myself! I love to create. We really can create an infinite amount of things. I mean hello, we are daughters of the most creative being ever!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

syd and tay

cute of Sydney making taylor laugh. sorry the lighting isnt that good. we were watching football but I got bored and this was happening so..awe...I love my life.

I love my Family!

I loved seeing my aunt linda and uncle dale, brennan, zac, chloe, and tanner. A huge void that I have had for a couple of years was finally filled. oh, I wish I could be around my family dont think or say anything. :) tanner is so cute and chloe? omg...I cant believe what a gorgeous babe. anyway. Much love much love. Oh, I love them so much. Aunt she just does it all. Look at sydney and taylor in the middle...its hard for me to believe that that is MY lifes work. they look like they are the same age...sooo adorable.. oh, bailey is so cute too. Gosh I just... Josh is so gorgeous to me.. wow baby! I love you so much Josh, you are definietely a hero of mine....:) beijing, yoa ming, guo ging ging. for future ref, you think its spelled "gwo"
Brennan, thanks for making this visit happen. I owe it all to you. I love you man.

bailey and the grasshopper

Hey mom, Bailey and I caught a grasshopper. Bailey really wanted it to have air so I gave her a nail but the hammer was in my car and I didnt want to get it out. This is just a quick glimpse in out life. n

Monday, September 8, 2008

You'll smile and laugh at this ;)

Oh, my sweet sweet little taylor tay. this is when she is so tired, yet, SO HAPPY.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

for documentation: SYDNEYS "KISS"

July: Josh was sitting on the couch in the family room while Sydney was half way up the stairs behind him. Josh said "Sydney come give daddy kisses?" Sydney looks at Josh and willingly comes down. She walks over to daddy leans in to give him a kiss and even puckers up, only a few inches seperate themselves, and BAM!~ Daddy thought he was getting a kiss, instead she came, she puckered, then slapped daddy right in the face. And as if NOTHING happened she turns around and walks right back up the stairs. LOL. I love you Syd. We both do.

Bunk Bed

You would think putting a bunk bed together wouldnt be such an undaunting task. WRONG. It took Josh almost an hour and a half. there were so many pieces about 25. When josh got home from washing windows this was his task.

wow, as I reread this I can tell how tired I am tonight... incoherent no?

Here is a pic of Josh after the bunk was finihsed.

Before church

Here is Bailey and Sydney just the way I found them as I entered the kitchen right before church. Josh and I were packing bags, making baba's and this is where and how I find them. Bailey is reading out loud the peter pan book but .....saying a completely different story, and with her pencil underlining the sentences.

Sydney has a love for books too and was following along with Bailey.

Sydney picks on Bailey. Its sad but true. Isnt the older sibling suppose to torture the younger one? Well not in the eldredge family. Poor Bailey is crying all day long because sydney pulls her hair. and for no good reason either. Sydney will just come up to bailey and do it. THEN she makes up with her by kissing her.

pooorrr bailey.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I love this girl! She laughs and brightens ANYONES day. Whenever we pray and get close to ending the prayer sydney starts trying to get our attention, she wants to show us that she's been folding her arms the whole time. :) this is syd at the park yesterday, we had a blast. All our fun ended too soon however, bailey got stung by a large wasp! ouch! poor bailey, luckily we were close to home.

video of taylor

Sleeping with her daddy

I love how she is holding joshes face here. She loves kisses. I love her personality.

Taylor is SOOO perfect! I love her so much. She got sick this week with a sore throat and ulcers on her throat too. But shes better now. She loves to watch baby einstein, She loves when I sing to her. She will light up and smile like crazy. She smiles at EVERYTHING! She loves Bailey. Bailey makes her laugh everyday. She also laughs at Sydney and keeps a wary eye out for her attacks. Sydney will hit then kiss and hug right after...:) She loves to eat! She loves to be outside especially when all of the children are out. She will just watch and watch everyone play. Whenever I put her down she will role onto her tummy, unless I have the camera out to document it. :) When I hold her She gets so excited and head butts me and my shoulder. When shes excited about a rattle she shakes her body really fast and her mouth makes a cute shape. I love when she gets tired because she will just sit FOREVER with me. She LOVES to cuddle all the time. she loves when we kiss her. she will never reject a kiss or cuddles.

Chilly morning

This is this morning around 7:20 before the sun came up above the mountains. It was actually chilly! So I wrapped her up and put a beanie on her that Janna Mc Ferson's mom made for her. She was smiling SO big and SO much that I grabbed the cam. Of course the flash needed to be on. But, it flashes like three times before it actually captures the picture. awww.geese...:) I love my LIttle tayla tay, Ohh... My tayla tay.

Hey MOM! :)

This post is a direct message to me madre.
MOM! I called earlier today to see how your class went last night, you are big timer! Professional. Did they look you in the eye? hehehee...:) was it pretty go with the flow or did you .....I dont know...tell me how it went! Im anxious to hear!
Josh says: show show stoppppinnnnnn.....(its a song) You know how he's always singing around. :) I love it!
Ok, HOpe you enjoyed the new posts. I Love love love love love you... or in the way "girlfriend" says it, I LUFF you. :)
write me... or call me... or...shoot me an email, or a letter in the mail.
"do it yourself!" remember what thats from?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Breaking Dawn (soap opera)

Hey there fellow blogger. I titled this post breaking dawn because I need some advice. Im on page 561. I stopped reading it about 10 days ago because its so predictable. AND why read on when Edward and Bella are together? Jacobs taken care of too... what else is there to read on for? anyway. A few girls were shocked when they found out I havent finished it. My mom and summer on the other hand said it was "" so? Is it worth my few extra hours at night to spare? Should I read on? Thanks for taking a vote.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sydney on the scooter

Sydney loves the scooter.....except for we always have to push her. If we dont she will stand on it and SCREAM at us until one Josh or I get her. :)

Today I had to get on to document that Sydney peddled herself on the tricycle today! 17 months old. I have witnesses to provo it. However its not on video, yet. Yesterday I was a total homemaker, I made strawberry jam from scratch, and my own marinara sauce from scratch and it tastes better than the storebought brands.

The coldsores are finally not hurting me anymore. although this little boy popped me right in the mouth today after I caught him from playing hide and seek. Anyway, enjoy Sydney.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Growing up? and Provo Rainbow on Saturday

oooooooo! Of course I took the pic too early! This baby SMILES for EVERYTHING!~I know this is cliche of me to say but, "Thank Heaven for little girls!"