Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bailey "Dew"

Bailey did her own hair and Im so proud of her. She is so beautiful. Its cute because whenever we do her make up and/or hair she acts like she is "all that" and she will frequently say "It looks awful, so.. Im beautiful" Or she'll say, "I'm so beautiful but.. youre not beautiful so...I can't play with you, but... your nice."

Uncle Robby's Trip

Missionary Moment....... with the Dr. Pepper. We also Went bowling. If you enlarge the picture you will be able to see robby's complete form. Look at his hand. And robby is a great bowler. He beat us all. And thats saying alot! Wait... not just beat us... Killed us. :) We loved having you here robby. We were even hoping you could stay a few extra days. I know that I loved EVERY moment. Movies, Borders, Bowling, Shopping, Church, Video games, Just Married! Book Reading, Bailey hitting you with her pillow. I'll get that video on here soon.
"He called me a CRACKER honey.. a CRACKER... " "he did not". :)

Bailey and Uncle Robby doing what they do.

Baileys Dance Class

At dance class they turn the lights out and put black lights on and give the girls "flags" and fun music. Its so fun to watch them dance. She loves to look at herself in the mirror. :)

This is Bailey's Dance Class. All the girls are dressed up so cute. Bailey loves to dance and be with her friends!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Christmas Night

Everyone CRASHED. Hard. this is Christmas day. After 3 long, hard yet very enjoyable and rewarding days of Holiday tradition.....they crashed. Josh is on the couch Haze and Lloyd on the floor and savannah boo. I love you so much thank you for Christmas this year. It means so much to me.