Friday, June 27, 2008

alllllll rightie people.

Hey there fellow peeps. Pretty much, Im getting tired of random people looking at my family and seeing some of our personal life, so Im going private in 2 weeks. PLEASE give me your email so I can invite you. I know its annoying but I would really like to post more of the adventures and outings that we do as a family and write more details and personal thoughts but...for some reason I just feel like there are a few IDIOTS/SICK-O-'S reading my blog. Call me crazy but heh, Im a mom now and thats just how I am. Whatever it takes to ensure a little more safety for my kiddies. So please put your email on the comments down below and I would love to add you on. Thanks, and SORRY for the annoyance. :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

sydney's bubble time

sorry I forgot about turning the camera again. but this is a cute video of what a 15 month old does for play.

Here Family...

What movie is this from? And What is he going to say? Robby this really is for you.. so you better get it.


Isnt this shot sooo cute? She is so adorable. I love her so much. She is soooo good too! I got so lucky with my kids. I just kiss her cheeks all day long!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Info on taylor

Alright peeps. Taylor has had some issues. She has had a urinary tract infection (UTI) at 2 months old. We took her in for some test to see how serious it is. Turns out, the tube that goes from your kidney to her bladder is not connected in the right place and is causing a reflux, which means as her bladder is filling up with urine its being pushed up into her right kidney which can cause a (UTI). The more UTI's the more damage will happen to your get the process. Usually children can grow out of it in 1-2 years. However Taylors chances of growing out of this by the time shes 4 yrs is 25-30%. So the studies show. Which means at this point in time she is on the road to having surgery when shes a year old. She goes in for another screening at 5 months old to see if improvement is made.
You know what? Although the chances of recovery are low...there is still a chance. Which means fasting and prayer.....I know if its the Lords will to have her heal on her own, then there is NOT a TINY doubt in my mind that we can have a miracle. I have the faith. so I need yours as well. Anyway.. its been a really good experience so far.
Taylor is great and doesnt ever feel a thing. Shes on antibiotics until it either goes away or if theres a surgery. yes, its a pain. For her anyway.

You want the new job or not, SNACK SHACK. -night at the museum

We just hung out for a little while today at Utah Lake. Its actually quite pretty there. The girls were being so good the whole time. In this shot Sydney is going in to kiss our little taylor tay. Well Bailey came up with that nick name. It has officially stuck. Talk about having my hands full. You know, while one needs to be held and the other is running off and wont come back.
How about Bailey? She took this shot! Im tellin' ya. This girls has got TALENT. I just love their little faces!!! whoo hoo! I just wonder what each are thinking. They both look a little lost in thought!

Oh... that Bailey...Shes going to be a HEART BREAKER!

What a sweet heart. Bailey actually just wanted my camera so she could take a shot. Look was she came out with.. I love it.

Yah.. Bailey took this shot.

Training Wheels OFF

Before bed tonight we needed to find Baileys bike. We searched throughout the complex and finally found it. Then dad got home. Bailey really wanted to try without training wheels. Se even though it was 8:30 pm and past her bed time, we did it. I mention the time because these pictures show how tired she is. We obviously didnt have success but it was sure fun to try! She is fearless. This girl is so awesome.

We had videos but they took forever to process. so maybe later. Show us how you really feel

Sunday, June 15, 2008




This shot was taken November of 2007. We came to visit Grandma and Grandpa Atherton on our way back to UT. Grandpa HAPPY FATHERS DAY. I love you so much. We wish we could be there to celebrate or come over to at least say hi. I hit the jackpot when it comes to having you as a grandpa. Your life will always be a legacy for me and my children to live up to. Last year you gave a Fathers day talk about the man who wanted to be rich and was told to pick up the pebbles, and he would be sad and also glad. I think of that often and will cherish that story because I know you have picked up pebbles that have turned into diamonds. You are rich. I want that. Thank you for your example of a fulfilling life. HAPPY FATHERS DAY to the man who is a great and RARE dad. Miss you, Ambyr.

Here they are all the grand kids. Oh my goodness. Can you believe how many there are? Left to right: Braxton (whit and todds) Casey, libby (jen and clints) Bailey (mine and joshs) :) Kyson (whit and todds) Sydney and Taylor (mine and joshees) see how tan bailey is. You can tell shes my daughter. hehe!

Grampa thank you so much for having us over yesterday for Fathers Day. It was such a fun day.

My little Tayla Tay. Well... thats what Bailey Calls her. Happy Fathers Day!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

phone trauma....AGAIN

so how about the last episode of my phone being dipped in the toilet by sydney....remember that one..that happened about 2 weeks ago. Just yesterday I was at the dentist. I needed to use the restroom and just as I was sitting down the phone came out of my pocket and into the toilet. of course I was cursing...well in my own thats the reason why I cant get a hold of anyone for probably the next few days. see you later. if you have questions just comment. I should be able to get on the computer tonight.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Here mom this is just for you. well and all the family. Hi Robby! Hi Smmer!!! Hi Grandpa and Grandma! Hey Joel and Jason! Hey Karly! Hey Kara! By the way Kara and karly please send me your blog address one more time. thanks. my email...right....I first need yours. thanks.

Little Loves

I love it.. I love it I love it I love it. Sydney is saying "hi" in this pic.