Saturday, May 31, 2008

Little syd putting on a show by throwing a "tantrum". look at her face.. its classic!
We just went into the canyon on sunday for a picnic and when we sat down another group was playing there hip hop music loudly. so spiritual. :) nevertheless we had a fabulous time.

Some how trying to take the family photo of the girls just didnt work out.. Syd wouldnt cooperate and taylor was sick and sleeping.

yeah no hands... josh is the man :) Two peas in a pod

this is my roast beef sandwhich..... yeeeeaehhh baby.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Anjelah Johnson Comedy Time

You want to laugh and have 3 minutes?
This is a clip on what its really like when you visit the nail salon.. LOL... She is right on about everything. Josh and I have it memorized. We just laugh and laugh when we imitate her.
click on this link.

My little photographer.

After forcing a picture on me by pressing the camera to my face, I decided to reciprocate the love by taking a picture of her. What does she do? Runs in the corner and sticks her bum out. Nice shot bailey!

Bailey wanted to use the camera and take a few shots. Well she decided to practice on me and... can I just say? Take a look at the quality of the shot. I was smiling to humor her thinking it wouldnt really turn out. But there I am in the center of the picture. That makes me really wonder about those stupid people you ask to take a picture of you at disneyland or something and all you get is a picture of your head in the corner. You know? So if youre ever at disneyland and need a photographer, I have a brilliant 4 year old here who knows whats up. Better yet JUST ask a kid to do it.

This is the shot Bailey took. The camera was so close to my face. I cant believe it came out as a clear shot!


Baileys Teachers. Miss Colleen is on the Right. Some of the Girls in Baileys class.

Bailey's Last Day of Preschool

"I love you by a true loves kiss" -Bailey Faith

Monday, May 19, 2008


Alright y'alls. There you have it. The Hair. I know your thinking its not as bad as I made it sound but guess what.. this is after I got it fixed. There used to be a TON of brown underneath which made the damage look worse, but it turned out ok in the end. I'm still getting used to the color but what can I say... Its growin on me babe!
Well at least Josh looks HOT! He's such a stud.

More Family

This is my ADORABLE niece Liberty. It was her second birthday! I love you Libby. Sorry this pic is a little blurry for some reason all my pics were blurry yesterday. But isnt she so cute?
Heres Jen and Josh. Jen is Libbys Gorgeous Mother. Can she be any more photogenic? Love you Jen!
Thanks for kicking my trash in PIG. :)

Where are YOU going?


Sydney and I while they were up.

This is before they took off. I guess Bailey was a little DARE DEVIL up there. You know the feeling of how you "lost your stomach"? Well thats what Josh did and she told him to do it over and over again. She wanted to go upside down and begged him to. The most he could do were sharp turns, even then that wasnt enough. When he would turn she'd say "yes, thats it, keep turning, keep turning!" This girl is the FUNNEST child in the world. I dont know about you but, My Gosh, I wouldnt be saying "Keep turning" or "do it again" Actually I do recall saying "ok, ok, ok, ok, Thats good lets just keep it as smooth as possible please" Josh is an excellent pilot so just in case you were wondering.... NO I was not at all nervous. And apparantly either was the Bailsters.


Here she is right when the canopy was lifted.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The new look.

So I went to get my hair done 2 days ago. It was the night before my hair dresser left town for 3 months. To make a long story short, she did my hair at a house and right when she finished putting the foils in my hair she had to leave for a missionary thing. She told me to drive home with the foils in and take them out when I got home. Ok.
I get home take the foils out and my hair was so blonde that its practically white. It wasnt streaked either it was just ALL blonde. I started to panic because my hair was falling out in clumps. Big clumps. I felt like a cancer patient. Its really scary to watch your hair clog up the drain over and over again as youre washing it. Brushing it was scary too. eww..
The bad thing is its so damaged from all the bleach that I have to chop my hair off.. well shorter anyway AND I have to go back in to get the bottom half of my hair blonde so it doesnt look as eccentric. Anyway... Im debating whether or not I should put a picture up because my hair is so blonde it takes away from my face. It literally lights up the room. :) Hair grows back right? So Im good. Its a new me whether I like it or not. Its shocking. So there you have it...I just dont think Im brave enough to put a picture up.


Hey there! We hear that you were checking out our blog everynight so Bailey wanted to say high. She also said that she loves you both however unfortunately the batteries to my camera died halfway through.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tired Daddy Shot

With My Daddy

Dance Recital

"Princess Dance"

This little girl is the magic in my life. Magic

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Off to the Rehearsal-SO CUTE!

Ok they ask that you put on this much make up... It looks good up on stage :) but doesnt she look so adorable? we had so much fun getting her all ready! I love my Bailey! I've got the best two girls I could ever hope for. As soon as she looked in the mirror with all her make up I asked, "what do you think" she says, "I dont know who that is in the mirror" :)

Going to Preschool

Hey mom Heres bailey going to preschool today. She only has two weeks left until shes done with her first year of school! ahhh!~

Random Duck

ok this DUCK randomly comes to our back yard... and where does it come from? The closest ducks that I know of are located at the golf course which is like a mile in a half away.....and this same duck shows up like once a week. Shes becoming pretty friendly with the kids too. anyway... random~

Just Chillin With Brook

This is Bailey who is now 4 and her BF Bro0klyn who lives in the next door over.

True American

This is a true american shot! Sittin' back with the remote...It would be even more classic if she was really in front of the TV... but for now we'll just pretend. :)