Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sydneys Birthday/ Easter Egg Hunt

Here She is on her FIRST birthday!She is the shiniest little penny in the world! I love to capture every moment I can of her.
It was Grandpa's birthday too! We all lit the candles and called them in to sing and blow out the candles! Happy Birthday you two~!

Dude..............I MADE THAT.

Heres Sydney working on her walking! So Big~!

Grandma Haze had so many fun crafts and activities planned for the children. Thank you grandma! Bailey had so much fun in the easter egg hunt too.

oops I forgot to add this. Bailey flying her very own kite.

With our Daddy

I think its so cute Sydney and Bailey LOVE to read books especially when its with their daddy.

At the Circus

We had soooo much fun at the circus getting Baileys face painted and riding on the camel. Look at her face. She just LOVED it. We had so much just being together as a family and watching the stunts of the performers.