Saturday, November 21, 2009

November 21 2009 Reagan Theater Bel Piacere

do youlove how you can hear my children in the backround wanting mommy.......aww. so so cute... BUT DISTRACTING. i gues syoucan say that children 12 and under (expcept 4 bailey) are to STAY home. becuase they are just so cute that mom cant focus on stage!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Baileys hair cut.......

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

dude, just to reiterate.

in the post below its talks about how weird music majors are, and just look at that face on that video, k, that explains it. and to confirm that music goes thru our minds 24/7 notice during any part Im not talking , Im humming a song.
torture, torture. and Bailey has it too. our voices ring so well together.

Hello everyone I miss you all soooooo much. I miss the cyber social crowd. sometimes its just nice to sit down in peace and quiet (except for the music in my head) and enjoy catching up on old friends. I love your blogs. and If you think I havent looked at yours think again, I just havent written comments on them yet.
Darla Gledhill, I cannot get onto your original blog. help?
thank you all. and there are a few others I cannot get onto now because within the last year you have gone private and I havent blogged.
could you send me an invite?
thank you . I
really. love. you. all. thank you for being my friend.

music major's are seriously wierd.

ok, while this video uploads I wanted to write a lot.
I'll write about,
1. josh, 2. school, and music major.
3. weird peeps in the music major and their traits.
4.and yah that should sum it up.
5. I miss all my blogging days. I have so much to catch up on to make it super cute like everyone else's.
Josh is taking the LSAT on saturday. School has been super fun, and eventful. Everyone who is in my major is a little different. I thought I was weird. and you might have thought so too! Well, guess again. As I walk down the halls I see a tall guy with wacky bleached hair, a white collar short sleeve shirt with a wife beater underneath and a weird looking tie that has musical notes all over it. and he's SINGING. not like humming to himself. He is singing. loud and clear for all to hear. :) then another girl on the first day of school had silver dangling earings and a big cowgirl hat. I lean over and say "nice hat" she immediately responds, "yeah, thanks, Im thinking its going to be my trademark, Im going to wear it everyday" I slowly leaned back over to where i was. there are people from all walks of life and they are all dominant YELLOW personalities. theres way more, and you know what? Im proud of my music peeps. We deserve the RIGHT to act and dress out of the social norm because we are tortured with scales, dictations, rhythms, classical, pop, jazz, choir, and blah blah blah going thru our head literally , LITERALLY, 24 Hours a day, 7 DAYS a week.
I couldnt sleep last night, I would hear a scale or song on the piano and then try to write it on staff paper. oh man. all night I dream-pt of that. so next time you see a soul who's acting strangly, just remember they are too gifted and they deserve the RIGHT to act that way.
or there are people like me who are tormented with all that but not becuase I'm gifted, but because I DONT GET how to be an amazing musician. Im such an amateur. You can come into a music theory class and know who the vocal majors are, guitar majors, "band" peeps and then your string peeps. everyone dresses accordingly.
Im proud of my music peeps who secretly scare me. Im proud of all of them.

not to mom: mom, here is a quick overview of the apt under construction but making way. pray for josh. its this saturday. I cannot wait to have him back. oh blessed day. :)

p.s.s. in my dictation class there is this adorable girl who has everything in place and she has her own unique victorian style, i mean of everything shes wearing, how she does her hair, and I sat closer to her today and saw that she cut a piece of fabric out and made it a cute corner design on her notepaper. HER NOTEPAPER people! man I love it. :) It makes me so happy to see other people who are outwardly as weird as I! and its like being in an AA class because everyone loves and accepts each others different wierd traits. Its so Piyump!

Monday, June 29, 2009

being in Northern California, and loving it.

bailey and mommy. We are up at Rancho Cordova and having a good time. I am missing Josh big time. Its not until that special someone is gone from your life that you really reflect on the blessings they give you all the time. Man, I am truly going to miss having a backyard that is fenced in. We have had fun here in CA so far and I know i am looking forward to more adventures in the next few days.

Fairytale Town

Fairytale Town is a park filled with slides, fun images from all the mother goose nursery rhymes. I cant find the pic of Sam and I but Sammi was there too and we all had a good time. Thanks for coming withe me sam. Love you. :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kann chi chi hakaunawah.

thats direct translation for, "its been a while."
sorry me no bloggy. I was at Baileys dance recital tonight and havent seen Brook or Josalyn for oh, about a year. and whats the FIRST thing they both said to me????????????????
"you need to blog girl"
so I will be posting soon!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bailey took a pic of herself... sooo cute!

Bailey taking my picture

Reading books and Bailey then makes this face! :)

I love Taylor's face in that pic too!

Oh, sydneys Kisses are treasures.

On Valentines we had heart shaped pancakes and they each wore heart glasses, so I had to take some pictures. :) That is so cute!

Bailey is exploring her creativity with her facial expressions.

Just being cute

I love taylors face, in those cute glasses!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

daddys kisses

Josh didnt know I was filming this...:)

after he kisses her he says "now, thats adorable"

Sydneys dancing

Dance Sydney Dance~! I LOVE YOU!

My cute little tayla tay. This girl is my pride and Joy! I love you Taylor. I love when you dance too. Its adorable when you dont know how to react to certain situations so you just stare at me, and then cry and ADORABLE cry. I love how you move your feet in the cutest circles. As shown above.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The kids and I had a special day. We took a tour through the draper temple. we enjoyed it very much.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sunrise to sunset

there is Baileys third eye, if you look closely. Sydney is just covering her mouth while she coughs. here is syd again just painting. Ive been having to be more creative lately with the childrens activities due to the weather. I've even had to make food look more creative. the plate you see down below is baileys lunch that she wouldnt come and eat. I begged and begged, and finally turned it into a face and that brought her in. But today we went out roller blading, and a little sledding. We jammed on the piano, read some books, wrestled, sang some songs, made our valentines for tomorrow at school, played with friends, and ate waffles and eggs for dinner with o.j.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Looking for a new do?

I wish I could say that I did this .....but when I do it...yeah it doesnt look as good. But if you need a new idea heres one! have fun moms.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The girls next door

Just thinking about you girls next door. I know that you all dont even read my blog, but I still feel that I need to tell you all YOUR THE BEST! I finally feel like I have some true friends up here in the beehive state. Its only taken me 7 years to find you. :) Or It took 7 years for us all to come together to live in the wonderful world of Suncrest baby! I love our fondu/game nights and random visits at 10 pm. I love getting and giving treats and dinners to and from all of you. I guess you can say we all got pretty lucky moving to the same place at the same time.
I am so excited for summer when we can all just CHILL and watch our kids do the weirdest things~ while we laugh at them. Im excited for Andra to come home with her crazy stories from work. and bonnie with her wicked yummy food she makes! Jen? more jam baby! or apple jelly? Im exicted for the pools and slip-n-slide! I am excited to play with my future rip-stick and ride on my cool new bike! ( thank you haze and lloyd!) Im excited for embers random visits! Oh, there are benefits to not owning your own home......I have so many friends. well...I hope I do? No one is moving out yet right?
I know none of you are reading this but I had to post it anyway.
I also have to say that I miss my friends from home too. Courtney!!!!! I so miss you!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

oh .......CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can I just say, Im going to FREAK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even begin. If I were to even say some of the things my children did today it would be considered gross and totally tacky. But I mean from the moment I woke up 8 am to 8 pm this evening and even at this very second, my oldest is repeatedly saying "dont have hat , dont have hat, do have hat, dont have hat" (((((?????)))))) Oh, thank heavens josh just took her upstairs to brush her teeth.
I wish I could say that Im dont want any more kids EVER!
Have you ever seen that movie with Goldie Hawn Called "houseboat"? remember when Goldie Hawn loses her memory and gets claimed by the capenter who worked on her yacht? She is then taken home with him and it put to work. she doesnt know anything about running a house and certainly running children. at the end of the day.....the kids found her looking like a deer in the headlights saying, "buah, buah, buah ,buah, buah, buah."
thats what Im going to do right now.
and its gonna feel gooooood.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Early Christmas Morning

I told Bailey to smile real big!

Sydney too. Every time I take a picture Taylor is smiling, then the flash goes off and this is what happens. She really is a happy baby.

Bad to the Bone...bbbabbbabaabaabbaaaaaddddd....

So Here is a little documentary of Christmas...except for this pic right here. This is taylors bad to the bone picture. I love it.

Here is me looking like Im on drugs. Josh and Sydster do. Syd is always wanting to do something with electronics. DS or TV. TV or DS. shes happy.

I love this pic. The one of my Mom Josh and Summer. I love the look on your face mom. Its the look of....well.. you know. all the hard work you've done to make an amazing Christmas summs it all up in your expression. You pull it off everytime. :) Josh, he is my angel.
Taylor you have your own Tinker Bell hat! Sooo Cute!

Summer.....oh...summer. Words can't express how I feel about my Summer dawn.

Oh my little Tayla Tay

Taylor had the hemangioma on her neck removed this past Monday. it all went very well. no more bright red tomato on her neck! Josh is so sweet, he has a pic of Taylor as his screen saver on his blackberry and I looked at it today and said "wow, that is one bright looking hemangioma, it almost takes away from seeing her beautiful face!" Josh looks at me, "Its never taken the attention of her beauty away from me" something like that.

Thats just how sweet Josh is. When Taylor was born with that he wasnt phased by it, "its just her beauty mark" "its special" He would hardly notice it like the rest of us. He loved it. but knowing that girls already have it hard enough we knew what had to be done. we had 1 session of laser treatment. didnt do a thing. But Dr. Meralis the plastic surgeon hopefully did a beautiful job. we havent seen the scar yet. But, he was sure of himself.

welcome to utah robby!

Im totally bloggin like crazy, trying to play catch up. Robby moved into p-town about three weeks ago. within the first three days? yah, he got the flu, now he has some sinus issues. but hey, we love utah still right robb dogg? This pic is of Robby in heaven. Taylor is clapping and sydney is cuddling with her uncle "hobby" while mommy vacuums the floor. Sydney loves to kiss and cuddle with robby. Look how cute taylor is too! her little tounge comin out and hers clapping so happy wif her uncle hobby. I just love sydneys face too! oohh....robb dogg. what a good lookin guy. yup, good lookin. I just love that robby is here. Hes learning ASL. Its going to be fun when well have conversations across the room! I love that!

My Grandma at thanksgiving 2008

the woman next to me? how about that is my biological grandma gillespie! you want to know how old she is? take a wild guess. you would never guess...and guess who inherited those genes?
See that girl to the left of my grandma? oh, thats totally me! I inherited those genes! Grandma, Love the hair do. My aunt rosanne is on the end. thats my dads sister. :) These two women could tell you some stories that would blow your socks off! but if you want to hear them, you'll just have to ask them.


yeah, so I did great with eating yesterday, I do have to mention my weakness. IM getting a little personal here, but when It comes to that time of the month my caloric intake goest thru the roof! well, for a day or so. but I am still pumped and sticking to my aspiration. Even if I have set backs.....:)
yesterday, I did awesome. I had so many veggies. today, no veggies. Josh and I went out to Kamas and he showed me where he lived for two years. we went to south summit for dinner. yeah, you know what that place served? pizza and ice cream. I totally gave into the tempation. I didnt even attempt. I was starving. :) and you want to know what? Im not ashamed, I somehow downed FOUR peices. Usually I cant even manage to cram that much but I just scarffed it down.
alright and......Im having a diet coke right now. but, i didnt have ice cream, ok, just 6 little bites. :)
did I just write that?
well, tomorrow is a new day. tonight i must renew my commitment tonight. :)
Im so excited, My brother in law Joseph had a birthday. He just turned 12 and hes being ordained as a deacon Sunday, for all who dont know this cute russian, he is a STUD. He is the future of dirt bike racing. Ok, maybe I try to force that on him. but you should see this guy ride his bike! Josh and I have promised to sponsor him if we ever get loaded. but sunday we are going over there for dinner! Josh and I are making big contributions to the food! can't wait to see you all!
Mom? I miss you.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I now make a pledge to change my life for the better by eating healthy foods. Here's why: For the past two months I've had sinus troubles that have kept me in doors lying around the house trying to "sleep it off and maybe I'll feel better tomorrow". yeah, right. Knowing that dairy and sugar creates this mucus, I decided to just for ONE day not have any dairy or sugar and I kid you not. I woke up the next morning with a clear nose and clarity behind my eyes! It was a miracle! that Night I decided to eat a pizza and an hour later.....stuffy nose, I felt tired and I had mucus again behind my eyes. I know what I have to do to feel good.
So, I'm excited to be feeling well and will share my progress every day.
If you want to join me in eating healthier then Please do! lets blog about it baby! I hardly blog anymore but I'll blog for this, so I can track my progress.
Here's to more energy, clarity of mind, energy, and overall well being. Beginning NOW.
Yeah!!!! I feel better already!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Bailey's getting married!

Wow, I truly thought this day would NEVER come. But....through the many years of joys and sorrows, smiles and tears, my sweet daughter is walking down the aisle. I feel OLD! Congratulations Bailey today is your day, may you enjoy it forever.