Thursday, August 28, 2008


I love this girl! She laughs and brightens ANYONES day. Whenever we pray and get close to ending the prayer sydney starts trying to get our attention, she wants to show us that she's been folding her arms the whole time. :) this is syd at the park yesterday, we had a blast. All our fun ended too soon however, bailey got stung by a large wasp! ouch! poor bailey, luckily we were close to home.

video of taylor

Sleeping with her daddy

I love how she is holding joshes face here. She loves kisses. I love her personality.

Taylor is SOOO perfect! I love her so much. She got sick this week with a sore throat and ulcers on her throat too. But shes better now. She loves to watch baby einstein, She loves when I sing to her. She will light up and smile like crazy. She smiles at EVERYTHING! She loves Bailey. Bailey makes her laugh everyday. She also laughs at Sydney and keeps a wary eye out for her attacks. Sydney will hit then kiss and hug right after...:) She loves to eat! She loves to be outside especially when all of the children are out. She will just watch and watch everyone play. Whenever I put her down she will role onto her tummy, unless I have the camera out to document it. :) When I hold her She gets so excited and head butts me and my shoulder. When shes excited about a rattle she shakes her body really fast and her mouth makes a cute shape. I love when she gets tired because she will just sit FOREVER with me. She LOVES to cuddle all the time. she loves when we kiss her. she will never reject a kiss or cuddles.

Chilly morning

This is this morning around 7:20 before the sun came up above the mountains. It was actually chilly! So I wrapped her up and put a beanie on her that Janna Mc Ferson's mom made for her. She was smiling SO big and SO much that I grabbed the cam. Of course the flash needed to be on. But, it flashes like three times before it actually captures the picture. awww.geese...:) I love my LIttle tayla tay, Ohh... My tayla tay.

Hey MOM! :)

This post is a direct message to me madre.
MOM! I called earlier today to see how your class went last night, you are big timer! Professional. Did they look you in the eye? hehehee...:) was it pretty go with the flow or did you .....I dont know...tell me how it went! Im anxious to hear!
Josh says: show show stoppppinnnnnn.....(its a song) You know how he's always singing around. :) I love it!
Ok, HOpe you enjoyed the new posts. I Love love love love love you... or in the way "girlfriend" says it, I LUFF you. :)
write me... or call me... or...shoot me an email, or a letter in the mail.
"do it yourself!" remember what thats from?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Breaking Dawn (soap opera)

Hey there fellow blogger. I titled this post breaking dawn because I need some advice. Im on page 561. I stopped reading it about 10 days ago because its so predictable. AND why read on when Edward and Bella are together? Jacobs taken care of too... what else is there to read on for? anyway. A few girls were shocked when they found out I havent finished it. My mom and summer on the other hand said it was "" so? Is it worth my few extra hours at night to spare? Should I read on? Thanks for taking a vote.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sydney on the scooter

Sydney loves the scooter.....except for we always have to push her. If we dont she will stand on it and SCREAM at us until one Josh or I get her. :)

Today I had to get on to document that Sydney peddled herself on the tricycle today! 17 months old. I have witnesses to provo it. However its not on video, yet. Yesterday I was a total homemaker, I made strawberry jam from scratch, and my own marinara sauce from scratch and it tastes better than the storebought brands.

The coldsores are finally not hurting me anymore. although this little boy popped me right in the mouth today after I caught him from playing hide and seek. Anyway, enjoy Sydney.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Growing up? and Provo Rainbow on Saturday

oooooooo! Of course I took the pic too early! This baby SMILES for EVERYTHING!~I know this is cliche of me to say but, "Thank Heaven for little girls!"

Bucket List completed

My mom let summer and I have a whole day together where we did absolutely anything we wanted. So we did , here are a few clips of the events that took place! "Nascar Face"
August 6th 2008, aka.. the wednes

Watch out

The random "B"

the start of our day, making the "bucket list for the wed-nes"


We saw this movie together four times over summers trip up here. :)


Of Course we had to pay tribute to breaking dawn over lunch at olive garden

We Played a little bball, one on one where summer kicked my trash, sorry no pics of me losing so bad. After that we put our clothes back on and headed over to Sam's house in Lehi to record "honey honey"! Here's summer Working it! Sorry my camera's flash wasnt on....oopss.

Honey honey, touch me baby , UH HUH, honey honey!

You look like a movie star, but I know just who you are! BEAST! THING! That was a super fun time. After that we ate and did go-carts, then saw mamma mia, for the last time before summer went home. :(

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Summer, I had so much fun with you. You are so Authentic. Its so refreshing. Thanks for yesterday, our movies, bball, making a CD, Olive Garden, Go carts and pics. I love you.
"Youre a dog on..........BEAST!"
I miss you so much:(
I had a blast.
Mom, thanks so much for EVERYTHING. Like three days of your adorable grandchildren. I know you where in heaven, and so was I. It was such a blast having you here.
GERRITT: So much fun to see you too! I love you. Good luck with the rest of your stay in Utah, Bailey is in love with you. Did my mom tell you about how Bailey prayed for you and what she said? if not leave a comment and I'll tell the story on your blog.
Lots of seriuos love going around here for you all.
dude, I woke up this morning and had 2 cold sores....what the heck is that? probably because i havent had sleep in 2 1/2 weeks.