Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sunrise to sunset

there is Baileys third eye, if you look closely. Sydney is just covering her mouth while she coughs. here is syd again just painting. Ive been having to be more creative lately with the childrens activities due to the weather. I've even had to make food look more creative. the plate you see down below is baileys lunch that she wouldnt come and eat. I begged and begged, and finally turned it into a face and that brought her in. But today we went out roller blading, and a little sledding. We jammed on the piano, read some books, wrestled, sang some songs, made our valentines for tomorrow at school, played with friends, and ate waffles and eggs for dinner with o.j.


Anonymous said...

I'm not going to keep reading your blog if you're going to continually make me look bad. Hello Super Mom!

Don't ask my kids what we did today.
(P.S. You're hot)

The Good Life said...

I MISS YOU!!! I wish I could witness your life in motion instead of through pictures. Taylor is getting so big. Way to be creative in the cold weather. Spring time is right around the corner.

Robin said...

I love the creative food! It has been a bit rainy lately and I have been having a hard time finding things to do with a one year too! Thank goodness for Baby Einstein and Yo Gabba Gabba! Good to hear from you!

eps-intermed said...

Love the painting pic of Syd, the adorable food plate...ur amazazing.