Tuesday, September 22, 2009

dude, just to reiterate.

in the post below its talks about how weird music majors are, and just look at that face on that video, k, that explains it. and to confirm that music goes thru our minds 24/7 notice during any part Im not talking , Im humming a song.
torture, torture. and Bailey has it too. our voices ring so well together.

Hello everyone I miss you all soooooo much. I miss the cyber social crowd. sometimes its just nice to sit down in peace and quiet (except for the music in my head) and enjoy catching up on old friends. I love your blogs. and If you think I havent looked at yours think again, I just havent written comments on them yet.
Darla Gledhill, I cannot get onto your original blog. help?
thank you all. and there are a few others I cannot get onto now because within the last year you have gone private and I havent blogged.
could you send me an invite?
thank you . I
really. love. you. all. thank you for being my friend.


Josh and Megan said...

I LOVE that you FINALLY updated your blog! Welcome back to the blogging world! That is awesome that you are going back to school! Full time?! Nights? Make sure you post recent pics of your girls soon! I bet they are getting so big!

LJ said...

I just found you! Hi! Julie Love-Barnes had you on her blog and I thought I would see you you are doing. Your babies are gorgeous.