Friday, November 21, 2008


We have a new addition into our family! Its a Nissan 2006 Pathfinder! It fits 8 people and its the bomb dig.
So I found a sport that I would like to be good at! Volleyball. Ive got a killer serve. Weve done well this season and tonight is one of our last games and IM going to ROCK it on my serves. Im mean, just be glad you are not the receiver of my 35 mph serve. Its cool too because the other team just doesnt know whats coming and BAM! they get it right in the FACE! Its liberating! sad to say. Luckily you dont play with me so you arent holding any grudges. Im tellin ya, tonight im going to do it again, and when I spike it WATCH OUT! oh well, BBALL is next up for church sports and Im way stoked for that! I wish volleyball would last all year round though. :)
Yes, I'll take a picture of my pimped out ride in a little bit. :) peace


The Good Life said...

you are so funny! I laugh when I read your, really...out loud laugh! Congrats on the new wheels. I love v-ball too! We just lost the championship last week. We were in 1st place and lost by 1 game :( there's always next year.
Cute family photos!

strickland party of six said...

Yeah watch out!! Good luck. Did you win then. and hurry and post new pic of your rims baby.

Bonnie's Thoughts said...

Even though I live right next door, it's still fun to read your blog. Your family pictures look amazing!

the longmores said...

You so deserve a sweet ride! I miss playing volleyball with you guys even though I felt kind of silly with all of you good athletes. Also I love the wright ups on your girls they are so fun and adorable.