Monday, November 10, 2008


This costume on sydney is so cute because it squishes her cheeks together. Just look at those cheeks. This year for halloween syd had the door aproach down. She would stay ahead of the other kids and knew what to say when shet up to the door. "chee-a-cheet" and then "deetsoo" (thankyou). She ran the whole time. Bailey fell asleep before she did. This girl has some serious drive. we had so much fun. here were the rules for Halloween and Candy: No candy until the events of the evening take place. after that you dont have to ask, just pile in as much as you want until you go to bed. And Bailey did just that. :) you'll see.

my little mermaid. already in the candy.

Bailey and her friend Emily at the ---TRUNK OR TREAT---

This paragraph is for the picture up top. sorry...:)
ok, as if you cant tell....Bailey is a BARBIE mermaid, Sydners is cheer bear, Taylor was a ladybug but...the costume was a little hot. Josh is a sad BYU football fan because they lost to TCU the past week and I am a woodland fairy. Love my wings?

ok, does this even look like me? who is that? tooo much fairy makeup there ambyr! And a little excited for halloween? I'd say. Hey, this is my cool friend NOAH! Josh and I love doing couple dates with her and Casey. See you guys wednesday!

Bailey and Syd workin it at the door. Sydneys ready to go in.

Make up? or REAL? ........its all real. cool huh. Bailey's old scab broke loose at the park. she came inside saying "hey mom, look at huh?" Personally I would have been in tears.


Karly said...

I looove the pictures! You look great Halloween must be so much more fun with kids. Yesterday Chris and I went with Michael to a single's ward in Brea, and we saw your friend Ashley! She recognized me and came up to me, it was fun to see her. It made me miss you though, I haven't seen you in so long! Chris and I are coming up to Utah in December - before Christmas. If you guys will be there we will have to see you.

Jones Family said...

I love Bailey's costume. Her make up!!! So cute! How do you have 3 kids??? Not how do you do it... But it's so weird to think Amber Taylor has THREE kids!!!